Dr Ahmad Magad, JP
Vice President, SMF

Group Managing Director
II-IV Singapore Pte Ltd

Other Positions Held:

On behalf of SMF

  • Chairman, SMF Ethics & Corporate Governance Function Committee
  • Deputy Chairman, SMF Global Business Groups Function Committee
  • Chairman, Precision Engineering Master Craftsmen (PeMC) Certification Board

Own capacity

  • Chairman, Advisory Panel, Second Chance Properties Ltd
  • Chairman, Singapore Productivity Centre
  • Justice of the Peace
  • President, Singapore Productivity Association, since October 1999
  • Advisor, Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Chairman, MDIS Academic Advisory Board
  • Chairman, MDIS Senate
  • Chairman, Mendaki SENSE
  • Board Member, Mendaki Holdings
  • Board Member, Workforce Singapore
  • Board Member, Singapore Business Advisors & Consultants Council


Last updated on: 04 August 2017