Mr Simon Li
Chairman, Energy & Chemicals Industry Group
Chairman, SME Centre @ SMF

Chief Executive Officer
Feoso Oil (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

Other Positions Held:

On behalf of SMF

  • Deputy Head, North East Asian Region
  • Committee Member, Global Business Groups

Own capacity

  • Executive Chairman, China-ASEAN Chemical Industry Collaboration Committee
  • Executive Chairman, China-ASEAN High-tech Collaboration Committee
  • Council Member, Singapore-Shandong Business Council
  • Economic Advisor, Shandong Rizhao International Maritime City
  • Advisor, Nanning International Chamber of Commerce
  • Chairman, PR Committee, Singapore-China Business Association
  • Advisor, Kowloon Club, a civil society organisation in charity work
  • Life Member, Beta Gamma Sigma, an international honor society
  • Adjunct Lecturer, NCPA, NTU & LKYSPP, NUS
  • Non-executive Director, Club Chinois Pte Ltd
  • Non-executive Director, Chinois Pte Ltd
  • Alternate Director, Feoso (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • Alternate Director, Feoso Oil (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • Alternate Director, Feoso Investment (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • Non-executive Director, Far East Oil Terminal One Sdn Bhd


Last updated on: 8 August 2019