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About Smart Automation Industry Group (SAIG)

Formerly known as the Automation Technology Industry Group (ATIG), it  was formed in June 2000 to spearhead initiatives for the interest of members. These members are mainly engaged in providing system integration, consultancy, automation solutions and an array of services like general automation, process control, sensors and sensing, vision systems and vision cameras, bar codes and RFID and motion control design, testing and implementation.

ATIG hosted the Automation Technology Industry Conference in 2013, with over 240 participating attendees. The conference was a valuable platform for the industry leaders to exchange ideas and knowledge of the latest automation technologies available to help maximise productivity and to build capability for the manufacturing industry.
With the active participation of its members, ATIG is able to create synergy and collaboration opportunities among its members and the various institutions.

To keep up with the Technological Change and reflect a better direction for the Automation industry in the future, ATIG has unanimously voted to change the group name to Smart Automation Industry Group (SAIG) to embrace the new direction of SMF to include Digital Manufacturing as part of the manufacturing.  With the inclusion of Smart, SAIG will focus on bringing process automation to the centre stage of digitization to foster collaboration among companies seeking to gain new competitive advantages.

Objective of SAIG

SAG’s vision is to be the voice of the members in the Automation and Smart Technology sector and to provide total solutions that can enable global optimization in the industry.

To achieve its aim, SAIG established partnership with various government agencies and other key stakeholders in organizing numerous trade exhibitions, informative forums, institutional visits, and social events. Through these initiatives, members are kept abreast of latest technologies, governmental schemes and business opportunities.

SAIG Committee Members (Term: 2018 - 2020)

Name of Committee Member SAIG Title Member Company Name
Mr Brandon Lee Chairman  




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